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Located in the heart of Connecticut,  we are Durham's newest agricultural venture. Formally known as the Bailey Farm, Durham Farms began in 2008 when Debra and Frank DeFelice began cultivating this beautiful 37 acre pasture of fertile Connecticut soils.
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... located in beautiful Durham, Connecticut
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Cold weather will be upon us soon. 
We hope that you will be spending the holidays with friends and family! 

Durham Farms is now listed as one of the Farms of the Lower Connecticut River Valley!  Find us on-line at: www.ctrivervalleyfarmers.org
Durham Farms
150 New Haven Road
Durham, Connecticut 06422
Telephone: (860) 690-2400

Durham Farms Ornamental and Native Grasses – Call for Availability!
Gray's Sedge (Mace Sedge)
Carex grayi 
Sedge family (Cyperaceae)

We love Gray’s sedge (Carex grayi) for its mace-like green seed heads that appear in summer. The seed pods are useful in flower arrangements, and the seeds also feed birds and other wildlife. Green seed pods shaped like a medieval mace weapon appear in midsummer and persist until fall.

Enjoy this unusual native sedge planted at the edges of ponds and fountains or in decorative urns with other moisture-loving plants. Gray's Sedge is a clump forming plant. It reaches three feet and produces unique, pale green seed heads that resemble three-dimensional, one-inch stars. It prefers light shade or part sun. 

Common name: Gray’s Sedge, Mace Sedge, Common Bur Sedge, Morning Star Sedge

Description: Fertile shoots of this perennial sedge are about 2–2½' tall; the root system is fibrous and rhizomatous. 

Flowers: Flowers bloom in late spring and early summer. This sedge is pollinated by the wind, not insects

Foliage: Long, arching, grassy foliage with a prominent midrib.

Season: Summer, for its foliage and seed heads.

Planting: This ornamental grass can take sun or shade; and thrives in damp or slightly damp soil. USDA Zones 4–9.

Price: $5.00 each 2–2½' tall in individual pots - S&H additional - Call for availability / Quantity discounts

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